You, me and the powerful space between us


If I don’t speak, you can’t hear me. If I don’t listen, then I can’t see you, and I’m making up a story about who you are. Yet, the space between us is not an empty void. It’s full of potential. Of possibilities, and grace and hope. But only if we positively engage with its … Read more

Tuning in


Developing our voice takes practice. A lot of practice. And the willingness to hear when it’s not quite right. When it’s a bit off. Because unless we try it out, we don’t know what it sounds like. And unless we’re open to the others, we don’t know where to find the resonances. Because without resonance, … Read more

Lessons in unfurling your voice


We all have a voice, though we may not be well acquainted. It can sound unfamiliar, somehow separate from us when we first start using it. That’s natural. Because our distinctive rhythms and tone come with practice. In the meantime, here is a brilliant encouragement taken from the Hiut Denim Yearbook Five: One Percent Better. … Read more

Quietly noticing the little things


I am not sure we can notice the little things in the noise. It takes an unwinding of our coiled spring existence and letting it come to a more natural rhythm. Otherwise, we only see the big things. Those that shout and steal our attention, distorting our perspective and sapping our hope. Leaving us feeling … Read more

Which way is the wind blowing?


My friend Diane Wyzga offered an astute comment on yesterday’s post Unfurling, being open to catch the wind. “Even if we are not quite sure what the work is, being open helps us catch the wind to see one way or another.” She is right. For many of us are still a work in progress. … Read more

Unfurling, being open to catch the wind


To unfurl. Let the sound linger as you sense the graciousness of movement. It opens from a closed state, like a folded umbrella or a rolled-up sail on a boat. To unfurl something means opening up its full potential. Showing what has always been there, yet not currently displayed. And it does mean more than … Read more