Tell me what you see


This is the autumnal clothing of wild angelica. I’ve loved following the stages of her changing wardrobe over the last few months. Here, stripped of her frothy pink summer fronds, she takes another shape with the suggestion of fertility and fruitfulness. And here she will stand while the greenery around her drains of colour until … Read more

Seasonal gifts of friendship


Like mycelium, enduring friendship is formed by a myriad of different connections rarely seen on the surface. Our knowledge of each other is not just a matter of facts and dates. It’s formed with shared experience, emotions and exploration, often touching places that words cannot reach. Therefore seasonal displays of the ‘fruit’ are simply that … Read more

Green light


The morning light is living green. Slanted sunrise breaks through the towering beech trees on the edge of the valley. There’s a limited window of time to capture their magnificence, and you can’t wait to get it perfect. Enjoy the moment and seize the opportunity.

The invitation of morning light


What are our expectations of this morning and this day? Is it just another re-run of yesterday and last week? Or are there new things to notice, however small, and experiences that grow who we are? Because each day is a fresh start, we will never have it again. And it begins by choosing to … Read more

Feasting on colours and so much more


Bramble leaves are the first to change colour. I love the richness of the hue. It makes up for the months of being snagged by thorns! And here, in mid-September, we seem to be coming into an abundance. Yes, the glut of blackberries, many left for the birds and alpacas to munch. And the arrival … Read more

Reciprocity and the give and take of harvesting


In our western culture, we have perfected the art of ‘take’. Yet, the world is not our resource bucket, just for us to run dry. So what might mutuality look like in our own lives as we seek to be fruitful? Just wondering. ~ thanks to Richard Merrick for the provocation