What do we actually control?


Believing that we have to be in control is too heavy a burden to carry. We aren’t designed for that kind of weight. Do we provide what we eat? Or consciously activate each breath we take? And does our heart only pump when we give the order? We need a new way of seeing ourselves … Read more

Called by the wind


WAKE UP The wind swims its wayaround suburban lanessinging whale-song to a manwho dreamsof joining it. Rise! is the cry –a call to actiondiving from the sky – why moor yourselfto an un-wandering life;you have been called by the windnow go: take flight. – Gideon Heugh, from Devastating Beauty May this poem find its way … Read more

Where are all the nasturtiums?


Last year the raised bed was overflowing with gorgeous orange and yellow faces and abundant greenery. Exuberant in growth and impact, I couldn’t help but smile every time I passed by. So, where are they now? There was just a single flower tucked away at the side, even though hundreds of seed pods were left … Read more

A different kind of exploration


As we emerge and find our feet in this new landscape, we need to embrace a different kind of exploration. The old questions that frame our sight with hard edges and cause and effect are no longer helpful. Instead, we must use all our senses and feel our way forward. Being open to metaphors and … Read more

Rewilding our lives


Such a lot has shifted over the last 18 months. In our little valley in South West Wales, the balance of the natural environment has changed. Including how our non-human neighbours behave. The alpacas are much more relaxed, and their herd behaviour demonstrates greater security. The buzzards, swallows and rabbits are more evident, doing their … Read more

Travelling between here and there


Yesterday, I was musing on Sharing what we find.* So it only seems right to share something I found, courtesy of Joanna Maberly: “In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and between them are doors.” – William Blake Joanna opens her thoughtful piece on Thresholds: An Invitation to … Read more