Can we have a conversation without a question?


What an interesting thought. Perhaps we have to start by asking what constitutes a conversation. Is a simple exchange of information enough? I suspect that information by itself isn’t sufficient. It needs to address a felt need, not just of the giver. And at some level, it needs to be reciprocal. Without this, it is … Read more

Hearing the questions that trouble us


When questions are difficult, we sometimes just hear them as noise. Yet, at other times, the questions are in the noise. The problem with the first is that we can receive them more as commands or judgements, than an invitation. And in the second, we can miss them because we are not tuned in. In … Read more

Seeing our place


As a woman of a certain age, I have a visceral reaction to the idea of being ‘in my place’. It suggests a box. And I don’t like boxes. However, Thomas Merton’s insights on the responsibilities of humans to their own time and place has stirred something from which I cannot excuse myself. Instead, it … Read more