May 2021


Awakening the dawn

The days continue to stretch out their borders, claiming time from the night. And here in the valley, the birds tune their voices to welcome the dawn. Although this will reduce as their mating, hatching and fledging season will be drawing to a close in a few weeks. Until then, I will enjoy their wake-up …

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Revealed by the dew

At this time of year, beautifully delicate spiders webs are everywhere. It’s just that we don’t see them. Usually. What else are we missing?


Being in the flow

The threads of water are beautiful and clear as they weave around the stones. Yet until I stopped to look, I hadn’t realised that water could flow in so many different ways. These are actual contours, with water moving at different speeds reflected in the sunlight. Like water, we all move, at different rates and …

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Being held

The goslings are growing. Instead of just being little bundles of green fluff, they’ve grown legs. And legs, or more particularly webbed feet, can propel you underwater. Yet, you can’t stay there. And like the proverbial cork, they bob to the surface again. Held by the buoyancy of the water. And here’s the thing: that’s …

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