Month: April 2021


Seeing the gift

We can’t see the gift if we are standing at a distance. Because we can’t see the detail of textures, shape and form. The exquisite interconnections that make up the whole At a distance we only perceive function and get caught up in our own narrative of what we are seeing. The gift is not …

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Earth gifts

The earth, this beautiful world we live in, is a gift, given with a smile. And gifts are for delighting in and cherishing. It’s not polite to just take without giving thanks or giving in return.


Revisiting place

Wandering around the valley yesterday in its not-quite-fully-spring-yet-hopeful state, I reflected on the stories we choose to tell ourselves about place. Especially the place that is our place, that is most closely associated with who we are. And perhaps who we think we are. I wonder if this is why we sometimes struggle to be …

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Located in space

Where is your space? Is it defined by walls or shaped by ideas? And is it charted by geography or relationships? Is your space internal or external? And how much is it coloured by expectations – yours and others? I wonder, where is your space, do you know? Yet, I do know that your space …

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There are times when we need to lend something of ourselves to another. And times when we need to be given that in return. We are not an island. Or a monoculture that just takes from the land and gives nothing back. I wonder, what do you need? And what do you have that someone …

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Light illuminates. It shows up what is there and brings colour to life. Words illuminate. They dispense understanding and expose meaning. Emotions illuminate, demonstrating impact where we can’t always see it. And love illuminates when we least expect it. … There is something about the angle of the early morning sun that fills this small …

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