Month: March 2021


Here. Now.

Pause, be stilled at this moment of gratitude and loss, time’s alchemy, a gift for an after. ~ 23rd March 2020 – one year on.


Balance or flow?

The passing of the spring equinox turned my attention to balance. After all, this is one of the two points in the year when day and night are equally proportioned. But just for twenty-four hours. Here’s the thing, perfect balance may be for machines, but for everything else, we need flow. While healthy momentum passes …

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Layers of light and life

Over the last few days, the light has been extraordinary in this corner of South West Wales. Sometimes, the valley has been book-ended by the darkest of clouds, with clear blue sunlight in the middle. The layers of light are dramatic and challenge my notion of sky. How can we have so much weather in …

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Where are the possibilities?

They are all around us if we dare to look. They may not be waving little flags, saying, look at me, but they are there because this is the nature of the wonderfully emergent world we inhabit. I suspect the only place we won’t find them is behind us. Because these are called regrets.

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