Finding moments of joy


Even if we’re not at the sharp end, these times are tiring. That’s the reality of the strange and unpredictable space we currently occupy. So where’s the joy? It’s unlikely to be found in the big occasions because everything is muted and scaled-down. And it probably isn’t in breakthroughs. Because the knotted tautness that connects … Read more

It’s time to let things go


What does it mean to let things go? To stop holding on tightly to ideas, identities, relationships, responsibilities and possessions, so that they can fall away? Sometimes we don’t realise we are carrying that much until we cease to see what is real and only feel the weight of it all. And some things are … Read more

Listening with gracious intent


What kind of ears do we have? Are they the ones we were born with, or are they shaped by what surrounds us? Do they help us hear heart song and the ache of becoming, or only the reverberations of our own echoes? Our gift is to choose what we listen for and retune our … Read more

Being an edge-creature

An in-between, not-in-the-box person, who inhabits liminal space as home. Not uncomfortable, or unsafe, just a different vantage point to view the world. Naming ourselves and offering grace from another place, without judgement. ~ Prompted again by listening to the conversation between Drew Lanham and Krista Tippett for the On Being Podcast. “I am a … Read more

Drawing close in


At a distance, it is relatively easy to define what someone does. We watch them at work, or in the company of others, and find a category to put them in. Indeed their title might give the game away. But what they do isn’t who they are. This requires a different kind of observation with … Read more

Knowing who we are


I heard a wonderful conversation over the weekend between Krista Tippett and Drew Lanham for the On Being Podcast. At one point Krista confesses that she never learned the names of birds and wonders if it’s too late to start. In response Drew assures her: There’s no shame in not knowing the name of a … Read more