It’s the small things that matter


Have you noticed, it’s the small things that matter? We can anticipate the impact of significant changes and recognise that they are out of our control most of the time. Our actions might make a marginal difference, but in essence, stuff happens. And happens to and around us. However, the small things are the things … Read more

Our words create reality


Earlier in the week, I listened to a fascinating conversation between Greg McKeown of Essentialism, and Sheri Salata, who used to be the executive producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show. During the lovely and lively dialogue, a phrase from Greg stood out: ‘I realised that my words don’t just describe reality; they create reality.’ The … Read more

Celebrating the practice of gentle protest


Words change culture. Yesterday I celebrated – via LinkedIn – with Sarah Corbett when The Oxford English Dictionary chose ‘craftivist’ as its word of the day. OED Word of the Day: Craftivist, n. A person who creates and displays handmade objects, esp. items incorporating knitted or sewn text or imagery, to promote a political message … Read more

Growth emerges as hope in a flower


Bare hazel, gracefully climbing the bank above the lane. For months just bare branches offering themselves to the elements. And then, a few days ago, hope emerges as catkins. These fleshy ‘lamb’s tail’ flowers, unfurled and dangling in the breeze, incongruous in still-in-winter barrenness. Where did this growth come from? And what about us in … Read more

Being open


What are we open to? How far are we prepared to stretch? Do we set boundaries that keep things out or keep us in? I was just wondering.

Awakening the dawn


We don’t need to shout,but we do need to speak. We can’t make everything right,but we can make some things better. We can’t see the whole – yet,but we are noticing shifts. Changes that are happening,people who are emergingas if from a deep sleep,covered by layersof neglect and judgement,awakeningto a new dawn. Glimpses of hopein … Read more