Growing beneath the surface


Here’s the thing about winter, this season of darkness, we can’t see very much. We don’t know what’s going on beneath the surface, in the earth and often in our lives. And it’s futile to keep digging everything up just to check. Instead, we have to let it be. And trust that spring will come … Read more

A little note to ourselves


What do you want to hear? Or rather, what do you know you need to hear? What words need unlocking from inside, that only your voice can utter? And only your ears can hear… Whisper gently. And be at rest from the chatter.

Expanding our sense of personhood


My thinking has been far too small. Too small for my mind and heart and too small for my soul. I am not just ‘me, myself and I’ I am ‘we, us and other’ connected by invisible threads that weave our cloak of personhood. And that changes everything.

Collective listening


I wonder, what can we hear together that we can’t hear alone? Or maybe it’s what we make sense of collectively that we can’t understand by ourselves. Without the ‘other’ we only have part of the story. What are you hearing and who do you need to share it with?

How far into the stillness?


Stillness beckonshow far will you go? Will you venture outcreating fresh imprintswhere you’ve never daredto go before? Stillness beckonswhat will you leave behind?

Letting the silence speak


Snow has an incredible acoustic impact as hush descends with the snowflakes and dampens environmental sounds. Stillness in white. I wonder, what can we only hear in silence? And why do we avoid it, filling the space with answers that melt so quickly?