The gift of curiosity


We were all born with the gift of curiosity and its closely related cousin, wonder. It was how we navigated our way in this strange new world we had been born into – and it served us well. However, over time this gift didn’t suit our environment – home, school, and work – where conformity … Read more

The gift of hope


The gift of hope is like a candle flame. Even if it is small and flickering, it lightens the darkness, and the darkness cannot extinguish it. And like a vulnerable candle flame, sharing it lights others, who pass it on. Hope changes everything.

The gift of unlearning


A while ago, a friend suggested that the gift of unlearning would be beneficial. ‘… when you manage to loosen or loose a previously strongly held belief about yourself or a truth.’ What comes to mind is shaped by how we think. And how we think is channelled by our neural pathways. Triggers and stimuli … Read more

The gift of belonging


It’s strange, all this separation has awakened more belonging than I’ve ever known. What we can’t earn or buy, we can give and receive. Unwrapping treasures more beautiful and liberating than I’d ever expected. Not holding back – there’s no failure, only learning, exploring and becoming. We belong, and what we’re part of is so … Read more

The gift of gifts


What determines the value of the gifts we have given and received over the last few days? I suspect it’s not money. It’s the thoughtfulness and expressions of love and care that go beyond fulfilling a sense of obligation that touches our heart. Words and deeds that endure and meet us at a deeper place. … Read more

The gift of being human


You You are a wild and gleeful thing,nudged by lavish gracetowards all the astonishments,and nothing can stop itor you. You are not a mistake.The earth aches for your singular life,for the miracle radianceof purely, specificallyyou. The shakings and the dark noisesof a man-made worldcannot compete with your hallelujah blood,your hosanna spirit,or with the gentle fury … Read more