Now but not yet


We live our whole lives in the now but not yet. Starting each day, knowing that it will not contain the totality of what we hope for. It can’t. We are not ready. Today is a work in progress. Let’s live it to the full, knowing there is more to come.

Noticing our relationship with time


Are you conscious of the passage of time? Sometimes it feels like a rapidly running engine, with the accelerator stuck to the floor. Nothing you can do will stop the motion. It’s relentless. At other times it’s more like a meandering river, just there in the background. Rippling past, but without urgency. All the time … Read more

Which way is up?


I was mesmerised watching the flowing water and delighted in how I had captured the image. It was a beautiful reflection of a moment frozen in time. But which way is up? Indeed, my iPhone took some persuading. But this is the real orientation looking down from the wooden bridge as the low morning sun … Read more

Who am I, and all the other stories


Is the story I tell myself about who I am different from the other stories? Like the story about who I want to be, or the one about who I could be? Our narration of ourselves, especially the ones loaded with should’s and ought’s, is a way of hiding from the extraordinary possibilities that are … Read more

Choosing to be alive today


Honestly, what am I telling myself about today? Is the story about possibilities, or constraints, or am I waiting for someone else to give me a story, so I don’t have to own the narrative? Is this just another day, or is it today? The only day I can fully live.

Threshold of a new day


We cross thresholds every single day of our lives. There is the point where we awaken to a new dawn. Yesterday is passed, we cannot go back there, and we step into a new day. Like the saying of Heraclitus: “No man ever steps into the same river twice, for it’s not the same river … Read more