Think differently or die


Sounds dramatic – but it’s an emerging everyday reality. If we’re stuck in our thinking, we’ll never find the new solutions. And not being open to learning, ultimately stunts our growth. Eventually, we become an irrelevance. Or even worse, we walk over a precipice of our own making. And that’s ugly. Instead, let’s recognise that … Read more

Why are we afraid of thinking?


Do think Why are we afraid of thinking? Is it answers we might not like,or opening chasms that draw us indeeper than we want to go? We fear not being very good,not being able to get it right.As if there’s a correct answer to every questionor a way of thinking that shows the quality of … Read more

Cultivating beautifully disruptive questions


I love questions. Not questions designed to destroy or damage, but those that gracefully disrupt our thinking. And shift the conversations we are having with ourselves and with others. It takes care to construct these kinds of questions. It’s a germination process that may take time, allowing the possibilities rest and breathe before letting them … Read more

A different kind of conversation


Sarah Corbett has been an activist all her life. Born into a family thoroughly engaged with the issues of their low-income community in Liverpool, she went on to become a professional campaigner for non-governmental organisations. But this way of creating change burned her out. Instead, she explored the art of gentle protest and founded the … Read more

What’s the conversation you want to change?


Whether we are aware of it or not, our conversations shape so much. What we talk about, or not. How we frame the issues. Why we raise this point and not that. What stirs us up or brings us life. Conversations are the place where we interact with each other, even if they are the … Read more