Choosing hope again


Walking on a carpet laced with diamonds. The dew-ladened path in early shafts of sunlight. That was yesterday. Today it’s proper Welsh damp with clouds lidding the valley, offering the promise of a downpour later. So what’s changed? Everything and nothing. Choose hope.

Paths in the water


It’s not often you see paths in the water. Evidence in fluidity. Yet here are the traces of chosen routes as webbed feet met weed and the water parted. There are some days, in some lights, when the environment is just right. And we notice the unnoticeable. What do you see?

Courage to face the line


The lovely people with whom I share a Friday lunchtime call – the Polar Bears co-working group from The Creative’s Workshop – have often explored the lines we draw. Yesterday we yet again visited the question of boundaries. Lines that give us a healthy frame for what we do. And the lines we need to … Read more

A beautiful gift


This is an occasion when ‘painting with words and light’ that the light has it. A gift to me of sunlight and sight at the brook yesterday. And my gift to you from the valley today. Enjoy.



Each day is a new start. Even if the trend isn’t in the direction we would like, each morning is a new opportunity. We can choose to look down. Or look up. And notice the abundance.