Month: September 2020


Courage to face the line

The lovely people with whom I share a Friday lunchtime call – the Polar Bears co-working group from The Creative’s Workshop – have often explored the lines we draw. Yesterday we yet again visited the question of boundaries. Lines that give us a healthy frame for what we do. And the lines we need to …

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A beautiful gift

This is an occasion when ‘painting with words and light’ that the light has it. A gift to me of sunlight and sight at the brook yesterday. And my gift to you from the valley today. Enjoy.



Each day is a new start. Even if the trend isn’t in the direction we would like, each morning is a new opportunity. We can choose to look down. Or look up. And notice the abundance.


Jewels in the stream

Strolling down to the brook, not expecting much and finding abundance. Acorns, the kernels of future majesty, arrayed like colourful pearls beneath the flowing stream. Touched in the late sunlight like a Cezanne. From beneath the vegetation canopy, a Kingfisher burst forth in a streak of azure brilliance. Just seen out of the corner of …

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The natural diversity of life

Everywhere I look in nature: diversity is flourishing. Trees are turning out their autumnal livery in different ways and at different stages. And the variety and complementarity of this glorious array are inspiring. The only part of the valley that does not display this as beautifully is where a monoculture of conifers was planted years …

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