Month: August 2020


Ripples of time

Have you noticed how time is not linear? The now of today has a different feel to imagining the now of tomorrow, or how yesterday felt. There is a time for everything as the Sage of Ecclesiastes suggested. The question is, what is the now of today calling forth?


The call of beauty

So much depends on how we see things. John O’Donohue expresses it well in Divine Beauty: We have often heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is usually taken to mean that the sense of beauty is utterly subjective; there is no accounting for taste because each person’s taste is different. …

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Appreciating fresh sight

This was a tiny leaf, no more than a centimetre long, resting on a piece of sandstone on the path. I could so easily have just walked by, enjoying the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees and dancing on the lake. Yet I’m glad I stopped and gave it my attention. I wouldn’t have seen …

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Half a shade braver

‘…someone half a shade braver’’ The phrase comes from David Whyte’s poem Leaving the Island fromThe Bell and the Blackbird. It speaks about going through an experience outside of our normal life that changes us. Glimpsing a different horizon, we re-enter our world with a different perspective. And a drop more courage in our hearts. …

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Emerging shapes

This time isn’t just about waiting. Just holding things together until the storm blows through, or trying to create a future that we can’t yet see. Instead, I am encouraged by the poem Poetics by A R Ammons quoted in A Simpler Way that provokes me to be open to what is emerging. Here is …

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