Month: August 2020


A surprising invitation

A Simpler Way is a beautiful book by Margaret Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers. Published nearly 25 years ago, its insights and wisdom seem even more relevant for today: Very little about the emerging nature of life supports who we have tried to be. Life invites us to play along, discovering as we go. Life wants …

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Expecting the unexpected

How often do we expect to be surprised? Or do we walk by, unnoticing? Caught up in our own world, oblivious to the extravagant and extraordinary on the edge of our sight. What we see is probably related to what we expect. In all sorts of ways. …raindrops on a cluster of tiny fungi sprouting …

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Weeding wisdom

Yesterday, we were attacking the abundance of weeds and grasses that had sprung up around the house, which had got entirely out of hand. In clearing a large pot, that had become home to a huge mat of grasses, I realised I couldn’t pull them all out in one go. Not only was it far …

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Be still and knowthe space between the waves,where time and effort are suspended. Be still and knowand hear the quiet beat of your heart,the calling of your name. Be still and knowis an inner invitationwhose time has now come. Be still and know‘welcome – you belong’translates silently in any language. Be still and knowyou are …

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Soft underbelly

We avertour gaze,hopingno one elseis looking. Owningourselves –a tough callwe’d ratheravoid. Pretendingthe surfaceis allthere isto see and failing totouch thebeautythat makesus real. …Wild Angelica from a different angle


Good questions

“The marvellous thing about a good question is that it shapes our identity as much by the asking as it does by the answering.” David Whyte I love this wise insight from the poet David Whyte. And suspect it is even more relevant today than when penned in 2011. In the article – 10 Questions …

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