Month: July 2020


Open the gate

We keep gates closed when we need to erect a boundary. This far and no further, unless you have the right to enter. It takes courage to open the gate and walk through. Yet I suspect for many of us the gate is already open. There is an invitation for us to grow. Take it.


Up from the ground

If you leave a patch of land to regenerate by itself, you don’t end up with a meadow of identical flowers. In suspending our regular mowing and tidying around The Waterside – with no clients here during lockdown – the valley has gone wild. It’s a riot of colour and textures. And the birds and …

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I didn’t know

I didn’t know that we had a full-grown Buddleia in the patch of rough ground between the terrace paddock and the track. How did it get there? How long has it been growing? Why hadn’t I noticed it before? And then I smiled. I can’t know everything. And the butterflies have a fantastic feasting ground …

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In the stillness

What we see in the stillness isn’t loud. It doesn’t demand attention or assault our senses. It is waiting to be noticed. Not by those who want quick answers, but by those who seek to see below the surface. Beyond the immediate and in the courageous place that allows shadows to be seen. What are …

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What is your question?

Just having answers doesn’t do it for me. Answers alone, don’t take me anywhere. This isn’t where I come alive and do my best work. So, as I start today, I want to cultivate good questions – for me, that’s especially the why? what if? and how? kind – to frame what I give myself …

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Beyond appearances

Do we thinkwe see whatwe see? Or do wesee whatwe feel, andthinkis it real? Are we opento knowingbeyond seeing,and observethe spacebetween uswith compassion? And can wepeer inside,for the shadowsreveal meaningfrom knowingand seeingand feeling –with tenderness –if we don’tdemandsimpleanswers. ~ What an interesting week! Monday: Observe Tuesday: Our narrative Wednesday: Vantage point Thursday: At the boundary …

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