July 2020


This moment

Here, now, what do you see? Is it just what hits your retina and transmits to your brain? What we see in this moment is shaped by all that has been. And contains seeds for all that is to come. So how we choose to inhabit our time makes a difference. How will we live …

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Inner sight

This isn’t a place where we often go. Either because we’re busy dealing with the outside stuff or it feels too scary to peer inside. Yet what’s going on in our inner, subconscious world, shapes what we see and do all the time. A recent blog from Seth Godin – The non-urgent advance – offers …

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Awaiting fruitfulness

The vibrant splashes of colour with the spring and early summer flowers have all but faded in the valley. Now it’s varying shades of green along with emerging evidence of fruitfulness. But the fruit isn’t there yet, and at the moment looks a bit messy and unattractive. Husks of the seedpods starting to peel back …

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Slow sight

When we are moving at our normal speed, we settle into our normal range of sight. This is practical and helpful. If we noticed everything we’d be overwhelmed and couldn’t function. But we don’t only have one gear. And we could be more intentional about how we observe. Thus, the task is not so much …

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The Seed Cracked Open

This week I was introduced to a poem by the Sufi poet Hafiz via an experimental online retreat. It beautifully sums up much of what I am currently exploring, and I wanted to share it. Interestingly it is a form of Sufi poetry that always includes the name of the poet in the poem. I …

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