We see in part


As someone who enjoys photography, one of my early heroes was Henri Cartier-Bresson. This master artist of the single shot captured so much. Each image framed exquisitely in the moment. So I aspired to get the perfect photograph, considering post-production editing a failure. But then I caught a comment from Andy Adams reminding us that … Read more

A way of seeing


Recently I picked up an interesting thread. What’s the difference between sense making and meaning-making? It depends on where you are looking and why. Making sense of what’s happening around us and why. Picking up patterns, connections, and sometimes causality, are usually cognitive and rational observations. However, ascribing meaning to that is an internal emotional … Read more

Where are our pause points?


Building a new rhythm takes intention, grace, wisdom and hope – baby steps toward a new normal. And we can’t do this without pause points.

Courageous imagination


John O’Donohue puts it so well in Anam Cara: If thoughts are our inner senses, and if we allow our thoughts to be impoverished and pale, then the riches of our inner world can never come to meet us. We have to imagine more courageously, if we are to greet creation more fully. That’s you … Read more



Our relationship with others – the space between us – starts with our relationship with ourselves. If we ignore or find nothing of value within, then guess what happens beyond our skin. Eventually. Perhaps that’s the nature of the soul.

Distance alert


Even though I am calm and quiet, the non-human inhabitants are usually very aware of where I am in the valley. This morning the grey heron and our resident families of Canada Geese knew exactly how close I was. And even at a distance, chose to make their exit above and on the lake. While … Read more