Rain glorious rain!


Today I am so grateful for the rain falling in our little valley in South West Wales. The ground needs it. And the lake is starting to refill. There’s water for the goslings to learn to be geese. Safely away from the thieving intentions of crows. The lower branches of conifers in the woodlands are … Read more

Desperately seeking clarity…


This is a time like no other. In one sense, we could never fully prepare for it. We just have to walk it. Day by day. Yet each of us craves different things. For me, it’s clarity. Being able to see clearly. Where am I going and what should I be doing each day? Because … Read more

What are we leaving?


Last night whilst reading John O’Donohue’s introduction to Thresholds, in Benedictus, I was struck by this question: At this time in my life – what am I leaving? It’s hard to move forward if we can’t let go. It also reminds me of Sonya Renee Taylor’s piece which I quoted in Hopeful lessons from gorse! … Read more

Noticing insight


Insight often arises as something we see out of the corner of our eye. We’re not looking for it. Or at least what we really need to see isn’t straight in front of us. Our minds are astonishing. Making patterns all the time. Connections that we’re not always even aware of at a conscious level. … Read more

Found in a bright field


Pause for reflection and space to step back and breathe. A weekend re-set with poems. What might we find in a field we had not been looking for?

Hello – who are you?


You aren’t just a number. You’re person, with an identity. You have meaning and your life counts. So I wonder how can we live more intentionally in the good of this? Perhaps it starts by owning our name. And being clear what we stand for. Not as a shield, or excuse. But as a platform … Read more