Month: March 2020


Walking time

Today, most of us have traded our speedometers for pedometers. And walking time is very different. Adjustment takes time. Remember how long it used to take you to relax on a real holiday? The rhythm of our lives is changing. And we can’t hurry it along. It will come. In walking time. Photo: One of …

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Learning to walk

Can you remember what it was like learning to walk? No, neither can I. However, we do watch little ones – in my case baby alpacas – and marvel at their determination, persistence and willingness to fail. And in it, their sheer delight at getting back up and getting better. Little step, by little step. …

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Pause for a new rhythm

Here in the valley, we see the rhythm of life played out daily. It reminds us that we can pause for a new rhythm. If we choose.


How we look

As our worlds get smaller, how we look becomes more significant. And if we aren’t intentional about this choice, then our fears and concerns will shape what we see. Which would be a missed opportunity, don’t you think? As David Whyte eloquently puts it in his reflections on destiny, in Consolations: We are shaped by …

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Plasticity of time?

Have you noticed how time is starting to shape-shift? Minutes, hours and days are changing. Discarding the boundaries of mechanised time. Yielding a different rhythm. Present time. Learning to go with the flow, seeing where it takes us. Without borders.


Calm beauty…

Eternal beauty in a raindrop. Things unnoticed when the sun is out, that catch our eye when we’re not expecting something lovely. Things we see beyond the obvious, feed our souls in the mist. Beauty in the cloud.

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