Hopeful expectations


Or perhaps this should be helpful expectations… That’s the thing about how we look at the world. Because how we frame our expectations makes a huge difference. Especially now. Here are wise words from someone who is an expert in being confined – and still remaining hopeful – the astronaut Anne McClain. Reminder that stress … Read more

Hope rising…


Hope in… Rather than hope for… There’s a world of difference. Hope is like yeast. It’s all around. We just need to provide the conditions for growth and feed it. HT for the smile and inspiration from the ‘frumpy yeast geneticist’ Sudeep Agarwala, with his Twitter thread @shoelaces3, reminding us that there’s never a shortage … Read more

Being noticed…


We’ve never been here before. We can hide and wait for it all to pass over. Or step up with courage – noticing and being noticed.

No hiding – find the others


I walk with a limp. Not physically, but metaphorically. Damaged yet not defined. Actually we’re all shaped by what has happened to us. We can choose to acknowledge and embrace this. No longer having to run away and hide. Therefore, finding the others is not just about being understood, it’s about understanding. Because in our … Read more

No hiding – seeing ourselves


Looking in the mirror isn’t what most of us delight in… Why not? Perhaps it’s because we’re used to setting standards that we know we don’t match. And shame averts our eyes. Or we tell ourselves that self-absorption is navel-gazing. And we walk around blindly, in circles. Or we feel we shouldn’t enjoy what we … Read more

No hiding – honesty in evidence


I wonder, have you also been noticing an increased level of honesty? In yourself, or in others you connect with? I am seeing it in the thoughtfulness with which we are reflecting on where we are now. In the honesty about the struggles, and where we are finding joy. Aspects that were not part of … Read more