Your extra day…


Time is a gift, an opportunity to be present and recognise the amazing flow beyond our busyness. So what will we do with our extra day?

Seasonal time


Few of us live with the seasons now. We are insulated, cocooned in a world that has ‘tamed nature.’ Except we haven’t. And we can’t. In fact, our wanting to be shielded from the rawness of life is destroying nature. We are complicit. But we can recover. Perhaps the first steps are to pay more … Read more

Wise time?


Have you noticed how time is not linear? It isn’t fixed, but fluid. Whilst it’s measurable in minutes, hours and days. It isn’t. But we treat it as a commodity. A resource to be maximised, efficiently. And lose the opportunity to be present. Or beat ourselves up for waste. When it’s not… if we have … Read more

Human gaps


Last night was book-ended by two brilliant pieces of writing. Both by a David. Firstly, David Whyte’s profound essay on Alone in his wonderful book Consolations. The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words. “Alone, we live in our bodies as a question rather than a statement. The permeability of being alone asks us … Read more

The gap between Q and A


Yesterday’s musings on questions or answers spun off a delightful side conversation. What about the space between the question and the answer? The gap we hold open for ours and other’s thinking. Because silence often prompts a polarity of responses: Fill it – quickly! Or the courage to go further and explore what’s really there, … Read more

Questions or answers?


It’s a little like the issue of which came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer is both. It’s difficult to think of a question in the abstract. Where would you even start? However, which adds the most value and opens up the possibilities? Then surely it is working on questions. In almost whatever … Read more