The choice…


How do you feel about making decisions? Choosing your next step forward? In my home culture, every choice was significant and we had to choose the right one. But actually, that’s not reality. Nor is it wise. There are some occasions where there might be a better option, but it’s usually not that clear cut. … Read more

Being comfortable in the unknown


Comfortable! What do you mean? Being in the unknown is where most of us would least like to be… We do want to know what is coming up, to be prepared. With our armour on, if necessary. To know it’s going to be all right. The unknown means anything could happen. And anything might require … Read more

Don’t settle


It’s good to feel satisfied that we’ve survived. That we managed to arrive – despite the obstacles – wherever here is for us. Yes, we should take a moment to be grateful. To appreciate the view. But let’s not settle. It’s also easy to pause, to stop pushing forward. Especially when we’re tired and well … Read more