Looking or seeing?


I’ve been wondering… Is the difference between looking and seeing similar to that between hearing and listening? Looking suggests the act of physically receiving images through our eyes. We aren’t choosing or paying particular attention. Perhaps seeing is more than that. Prompted by interest and curiosity do we perceive more than the passing images on … Read more

Stillness at the edge


This morning the valley is filled with fog and there is little air movement. The place is still and that allows the smallest sound to be carried across the water. There are things we hear in the stillness and at the edge that we wouldn’t catch in the bustle of the mainstream. I wonder what … Read more

Reading and listening


What happens when we read? How do we listen and who do we listen to? It’s easy to consume words on a page like eating a snack. Fulfilling our need for an energy burst, without really thinking about what we consuming. It’s just there, to hand. If reading is just about accessing information, then it’s … Read more

Listening for what’s not there…


What is not said can be as important as the words uttered. This is listening beyond language. But are we quiet enough to hear? To notice and sense whether this is an invitation, or a sign to tread very carefully indeed… So let’s listen with generosity and kindness, respecting space and exercising wisdom with care. … Read more

What am I missing?


Do you ever have those conversations where you suddenly realise you are on another planet to the other person? Not the fundamentally different world view type. But the how did we get here? kind… I do. And usually, it’s because I’m missing something. Maybe I drifted into the conversation, catching up on the opening and … Read more

Listening well


Recognising our need to slow down, turn off the noise and be present in order to hear and be heard, and offer the gift of listening to others.