Keep calm and carry on


The spacious sense of calm contrasts with the narrow confines of haste. But actually this has nothing to do with time or physical space. As a cardiac surgeon I knew often remarked: “Don’t just do something, stand there…” In the critical moments of heart surgery, this is wise advice indeed. Where can we grow our … Read more

An epidemic of haste?


Have you noticed? Reflecting back on this month, there does seem to be an increase in haste. The kind that shows up in truncated communication. More rushing between things, because there are more things to do and meetings to attend. And more snap decisions, with the accent on snap. Whilst this may be noticing a … Read more

Fresh conversations


We do need new conversations. Even if we are in a period of waiting. In fact, especially in a liminal space – where we are approaching a threshold – we really do need fresh conversations. Pushing the boundaries of our thinking and perception. Cultivating our curiosity, rather than rushing to conclusions. Exploring the layers of … Read more

This present waiting…


The idea of liminal space is powerful. It is the time between the ‘what was’ and ‘the next’. Essentially it is a place of transition. Of waiting and not fully knowing. In our humanness, we often want to run away from this place. It can be uncomfortable and the feeling of loss of control goes … Read more

Present context


Being present requires us to have an understanding of the present. At least at some intuitive level. Because the present, our present, is not a sealed box. Today has a past and future. And whilst we do not know what the future holds, we can inhabit today with hope, and with gratitude for what has … Read more

Just noticing


We assume we are good at noticing, of being present and observant, and catching nuance. Of being ready for change. But what if we could be better?