What am I building?


This is been the core of my challenge this week. What am I building? Putting a stake in the ground and saying onwards from here. Navigating a way around the wall. Or over or under or even through… To create something new that gives hope and releases creativity. That embodies wisdom and finds surprising new … Read more

Handful of seeds


If I give you a brick, you would sense its weight and feel its edges. You’d probably have ideas about what to do with it… Build a wall, lay a path, or perhaps use it as a doorstop or bookend. But if I gave you a handful of seeds… What would you do with them?

So what are we for?


This is a much, much harder question than what are we against… Our education system and our culture award prizes for criticism. For being able to say what’s wrong with an idea or thing (or person). And we can’t flip a switch and turn it on. It’s not just about what we are running away … Read more

It’s easy to criticise


It doesn’t take a lot of skill or effort to stand on the sidelines and say what we don’t like. To criticise from a place of safety. I’m not talking about those times when we’re in the midst of things and we call out an issue. Or a problem or attitude… It’s just easier to … Read more

I’m grateful for green!


Don’t laugh. It’s true, I am so grateful for green. And no, this isn’t a political comment, though it could be… I live in a green valley and every day I’m thankful for the privilege of being here. Our world and it’s fragile balance relies on the life-giving properties of our green environment. And so … Read more