Picking flowers

picking flowers

We’ve been staying in a delightful rural bolt-hole on Romney Marsh, on the edge of Kent, this weekend. Here for a lovely family wedding. The food has been amazing and the company great. But it’s been the little things that have really brought it together. Like the fresh flowers in our studio. Yes, we are surrounded … Read more

Hope – for a new beginning…


Whatever your week’s been like – and mine has had its moments – we can still choose hope for a new beginning. Just don’t expect it to come from outside.

Letting go


It’s one thing to notice a fallen acorn. And being reminded that what we sow has a life beyond us. It’s quite another thing to let go. Honestly…

Fallen seeds


Out in the valley this morning I still see evidence of the recent storms. The debris of autumn is starting to pile up in clumps, matted on the ground. The water-gate has harvested sticks, stones and leaves and is holding back the brook like a weir. And in the midst of all of this decay … Read more

Thinking together…


When was the last time you really enjoyed thinking with other people? Not the ‘we’ve-got-to-solve-this-problem-in-the-next-two-minutes-and-move-on’ kind of thinking. But being able to enter into each other’s thought waves and create a glorious symphony (or jazz riff). Over the last few days, I’ve had several lovely opportunities. Both online – through exchange and conference calls – … Read more

Losing wonder


What happens when we lose a bit of our capacity for wonder? When we let things hem us in. Or when our going fast is, actually, going under. And our speed of response overwhelms our thoughtfulness. When our being ‘connected’ disconnects us from the astonishing beauty of the world all around. I wonder what we … Read more