Shh… and look up


It’s SO NOISY around here… No, not in our valley. That’s as peaceful as ever. But in the wider world. Especially the UK at the moment. Our inclination might be to put our heads down, use metaphorical ear defenders and just plod on. However, just to try experimenting with being quiet and looking up. This … Read more

Do principles change?


Walking up the valley this morning under an overcast sky and damp underfoot, the bright green of new growth stood out. And I was pondering whether our principles change… At the core, I don’t think they do. They are so deep-rooted in our being that even if they get completely hidden and layered over with … Read more

Principles or rules?


It’s an interesting question. Rules or principles? For many of us the cultural default – the environment where we grew up or currently work in – is rules. They are easier to state. And police. They can feel safer because the boundaries are known. But do they serve us well? In today’s world rules are … Read more

Where to now?


Yesterday was the last public holiday in England and Wales before Christmas. It was also our last alpaca open day of the year. We all enjoyed ourselves, immensely. A fitting end to the summer season. But where to now? It’s easy to drift into the next phase. Picking up the things that make us busy … Read more

Tell us a story


Have you noticed how when you invite someone to tell you a story – just how different it is? No one tells the same story the same way. Who they are, what lights them up, how they see the world all weave together and give us a unique take. It’s both surprisingly unpredictable and familiar … Read more