July 2019

pursuing resonance

Pursuing resonance

Resonance. What a lovely word. Not sameness, but in sync with. Echoes of the heart, in rhythm, without taking over. Resonance amplifies. It brings out the colours. It is truly delight-ful. When we find it – in others, in ideas, insights and passions – it somehow enlarges us. And can bring out the best in …

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friends at the edge

Friends at the edge

If we are seeking to make change, then we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s not people in the centre-ground who come looking for us. People in that particular ‘middle’ usually don’t perceive the need for change. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s just not what they see (or need). Actually, each of us probably …

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are you ready

Are you ready?

It depends… Is this being ready to perform heart surgery (probably not unless you’ve undergone nine years of training) or to take your next step? To stand up and speak or do something you know is important when everyone else is sitting down. To begin. It also depends on why you’re asking. Is it a …

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momentum and perspective

Momentum and perspective

We may be moving. But we could be going round in circles. Without having a wider perspective, we might not know… And without momentum, perspective is just a nice view. We’re not going anywhere…  

still moving

Still moving

Deborah Rowland coined a beautiful phrase: still moving. I love how it captures multiple layers of meaning. You see different things depending on how you hold it up to the light. Being prepared to sit with the phrase is powerful and profound. And challenges me to become the kind of change I want to see. …

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