Words, when savoured, are delightful. They are like the taste of good wine that lingers on the palate, revealing deeper layers. The scent of loveliness as I walk past the honeysuckle bush along the green path in our valley. Or the soft, salty breeze on a summer’s day by the shore, caressing face, hair and … Read more

Waiting for perfection?

waiting for perfection

I was sitting on a log at the top of the valley this morning, watching the water dance over the pebbles in the book. Moment by moment the scene changed, in microcosm. Light reflecting off the underside of mini waterfalls created by upended stones, moving as the flow changes. Here today, and tomorrow shifting with … Read more

So what do you do?

what do you do

Does your heart sink at the prospect of answering that question when you meet someone new? Or do you already have a nice phrase that you pull out and offer on a plate? And are you proud of it, or do you hide behind it… Ahh, the dance of introductions. As a complicated quiet disruptor, … Read more

Tethered… to what?

Tethered to what?

As I’ve reflected on Nietzsche’s phrase ‘a long obedience in the same direction’, I’ve realised that this is neither serendipitous wandering nor extreme self-control. Neither is sufficient. In our world, framed at the level of the individual, we can think that this is all about us. The weight of our effort, and our effort alone. … Read more

Consistency is underrated

consistency is underated

We can become over-sensitive to our up’s and down’s. The swings that seem to characterise our lives, usually for a season. In the midst of uncertainty all around, we are both attuned to shifts and are affected by them. That shouldn’t surprise us. But what about the long view? Sometimes we need to readjust our … Read more