Finding your tone

finding your tone

If we want to be heard, we need to cultivate how we sound. Five practical dimensions in finding your tone – your authentic, empathetic and connected voice.

Shh…listening for you

listening for you

Can you hear your voice? I mean, really hear it? Underneath it all, what do you really want to say? And how do you want to say it? Just asking… Just listening…  

Growing seeds

growing seeds

After the bloom comes the seed… These are extraordinary cycles of life and we’re part of it all. The seeds might be for harvest – think of strawberries and apple trees – or falling to the ground for next years flowers. This morning I noticed the de-flowered bluebells in the woods. Their seed heads ripening … Read more

Hope is…

hope is

Where does hope come from? Hope isn’t a thing that we can buy. It’s not an abstract concept. It’s profoundly experiential. My hope and its source are deeply personal and perhaps different from yours. At least in some respects. That’s OK. But we do need to know. To ask the question for ourselves and cultivate … Read more

The language of me-to-we

me to we

Walking back from the top of the valley this morning, whilst deep in thought about the shift in language from me to we, I realised I’d lost the dog. This, on the back of a lively conversation which boiled down to talking at cross purposes, amplified the significance of language. We might be intending to … Read more

Community DNA


‘People like us’ don’t always look like us. The connection is more than skin deep and isn’t about conformation. It’s not an exclusive club with insiders who draw a boundary line for outsiders not to cross. Really healthy communities have porous boundaries that enable a living expression in multiple dimensions. These change and develop over … Read more