Month: June 2019

hope on the water

Hope on the water

When life is plain sailing we don’t think about what kind of boat we are in… but sometimes we really need to know. Enjoy this lovely poem by Tracy Ingham.


Re-making the path

The 20th-century Spanish poet, Antonio Machado, captured a powerful insight when he wrote: ‘there is no path, the path is made by walking.’ The challenge to our assumption that there must be something already there – and not finding it is our fault – is liberating for quiet disruptors. It’s permission to create, to see …

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hearing silence

Hearing silence

Doesn’t that sound like a contradiction? What happens when we listen for echoes and there’s nothing there? Really… Or is it our ears or our impatience? Shhh… Hush now and hear the sounds of silence. They are astonishingly verdant – if we trust them to grow.  



The phrase ‘Our job is to listen out for the resonances’ – from Full circle – stayed with me. These are the echoes. The waves that reflect back to us a sound that we have already heard or made. So what kind of echoes am I alert to? I’d rather be listening for reminders of …

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full circle

Full circle

Sometimes, when we’ve actually started moving and building momentum, we find ourselves in a strangely familiar place. It’s not that we’ve gone backwards, but our internal gravitational pull takes us to territory that has a natural fit. Echoes of our unique selves – who we are created to be – surface time and time again. …

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on our way

On our way…

It’s great to be moving. With the sense of momentum building. And anticipation rising. Yes, there is something astonishing about travelling together… … we were never meant to walk alone.  

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