Celebrating the pauses…

celebrating the pauses

In finding our life-affirming rhythm, we also need to celebrate the pauses. Without them, the rhythm doesn’t hold together. It’s not just continuous noise. And some pauses are longer than others. Where are your’s and are you celebrating, or begrudging them? Just asking… Pause. Relax. Breathe. Smile.  

Finding rhythm

Underneath it all, rhythm determines life. We don’t notice our heart until it changes its beat in some way. We don’t notice the seasons – especially if we live in cities – until uncharacteristic weather occurs. Day and night. Night and day. The sun rises. The sun sets. And if something disturbs our rhythm, we … Read more

…like a cracked record

like a cracked record

If you’re old enough to remember vinyl records – or hip enough to be part of the revival – then you know the origins of the phrase “stuck like a cracked record.“ The disc might actually be cracked, or more likely scratched at a particular point. Or has just attracted stubborn dust. The effect is … Read more

Stuck in a story

stuck in a story

Memories are such important navigational tools. Without them, we have to re-interpret where we are all the time. And that would be utterly exhausting. They help us see ‘this is like that’ or ‘this is why it’s important to me’. They form a crucial aspect of our meaning-making. But they can also shackle us if … Read more

Ripples of blessing


When you drop a stone into water, how long do you watch the ripples spread? And how far do you look at the impact of your words or actions? For most of us, we probably don’t see the half of it. We don’t wait long enough. We are impatient. If there isn’t an immediate, discernible … Read more