Month: May 2019

ways to find your voice

Ways to find our story

Finding your voice probably starts with finding your story. What is important enough for you to disrupt the status quo to change the conversation?

fruitful tenacity

Fruitful tenacity

After finishing yesterday’s thoughts on generous persistence I walked up the valley. It takes time to adjust our perspective and the physical rhythm of walking helps, wherever we are. Readjusting my gaze, I started to notice an abundance of generous persistence all around me. The new fern shoots starting to unfurl through the dusty ground. …

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Generous persistence

“Generous persistence” Isn’t this a great phrase? It sums up the kind of person I want to be and suspect the world around me needs. It caught my attention on replaying Seth Godin’s Akimbo podcast for last week – Fooled by Spectrum. But I also know that when stretched my tendency is to let go …

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emotional connections

Emotional connections

We live in a strange world. We talk about emotional connections as a matter of course. And our emotional lives are much more visible, on the surface, than would have been the case decades ago. But I wonder if our emotional connections are as real. At least most of the time. Are we too used …

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Where are your buttons?

Can you see a pattern emerging in what triggers your emotions? I don’t just mean the odd flare-up when you’re too tired or have eaten too much cheese… Or the swell of joy when you see a beautiful sunset/baby/puppy (take your pick). It’s those little triggers that happen time and time again. The you-shaped buttons. …

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pick yourself

Pick yourself…

Are you standing waiting? Hoping that someone will see you and choose you to step forward? The thing is, no one else can see all that you have to offer. No one can know the potential that is in your heart or the change that you could be. So, to paraphrase a line that Oscar …

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