Hope is hard to manufacture

hope is hard to manufacture

Hope is hard to see. It doesn’t come neatly packaged in a box with a beautiful ribbon. It doesn’t appear in the display cabinet so that you can simply ask for “three of those please”. Instead, it’s expressed in the five newly laid eggs in the reed nest created by our pair of Canada Geese … Read more

It’s an alpaca!

It's an alpaca

We are having a full-on alpaca day today. It’s our first open day of the year with 160 booked in. I love alpacas. I love their character and personalities. They are such individuals, even though they are at their healthiest and happiest when they’re with the whole herd (but distinctly doing their own thing, just … Read more

Present unknowing…

present unknowing

The gift of being here and now is awesome and offers abundant life. It’s available to all of us who choose to embrace this present unknowing…

Letting go…

letting go

We find it so difficult to let go. The things that clothe us, inside and out. What we tell ourselves about who we are and how the world is. How we define what is important and therefore worthy of our attention. In the place of unknowing, these are the things we cling to. They make … Read more

Take an intentional pause…

intentional pause

Today is one of those transition days. When we are on the cusp of something different. It’s so easy to rush through it, getting to the next place. The next thing. But transitions are important. We need to let them do their work in us. And through us. So we are really ready for tomorrow? … Read more

What’s the question?

whats the question

Sometimes we walk along just getting on with things until we realise we don’t know where the path is going. So we ask where is this path going? But perhaps that’s not the question.