Fresh thinking…

fresh thinking

…is like a plant. It doesn’t grow to order but flourishes when you give it the right conditions. And when the sun comes out, it spurts…  

What is art?

what is art

I suspect the answer would be hugely varied depending on who I ask… So why is the question even important? I wonder if art is what we bring to the world through our creativity and imagination. An expression of the essence of us, that reveals more than just our normal being and doing. It is … Read more

Thank you and…

Thank you and

On the cusp of the 200th Quiet Disruptors blog, I am grateful for your reading and would love to hear your thoughts on where this could go next.

Hard questions

hard questions

I’m curious: what do you do with hard questions? By hard, I mean the difficult, challenging and not obvious kind of questions. Perhaps the first clue is whether you walk toward or away from them. Though I suspect that if you’re reading this post, you don’t immediately turn tail… So what do you do? I’ve … Read more

Find a clearing

Find a clearing

Sometimes we just have to step away from the thing we’re stuck with, in order to see it for what it is. Sometimes we just have to clear out the rubbish to have enough space to walk on. Sometimes we have to stand back to see the precious things that were there all the time … Read more

Hope is not certainty

hope is not certainty

Hope is an expectation with confidence. It’s the motivation that something is worth doing or believing. And even if we can’t control the outcome, the effort or orientation is worth it. Hope is a state of mind. But whilst it often has a warm feeling, its genesis might be rooted in desperation: ‘This can’t be … Read more