It’s time for the poets

its time for the poets

So much about public discourse is cracked and dry. We need a new language that speaks to the heart with truth and love. It’s time for the poets

Wise risk-taking

wise risk taking

Risk is a funny thing. Not ha-ha, but the other type. The one that’s hard to nail down. Yet we talk about risk as if it’s concrete and absolute. When it’s not. Your risk is not necessarily my risk, though there may be some overlap. And the difference is rarely due to a unique situation. … Read more

Being ready

are we ready

Are we ready? The slightly pensive question is so often there, lurking in the background. Are we ready for that event, or test, or opportunity, or challenge? Yet sometimes that concern takes on a life of its own, eclipsing whatever it is we’re facing. The fact is we’ll never be ready, if ready is everything … Read more

Am I really listening?

am i listening

I think so. And therein lies the problem… Our perception uses filters. Some of these are called cognitive biases. Essentially they are patterns of thought that channel how we process information and lead us towards certain conclusions. Recently there’s been an explosion of interest and understanding about cognitive biases. All of which is really helpful… … Read more

We don’t win at the finish line

finishing line

Seems counter-intuitive to say this, but we don’t win at the finishing line. It starts much, much earlier. Earlier in the race – how we started and how we paced ourselves. Even before the race – how we trained, learning from other races and other people. How we’ve looked after ourselves in body, mind and … Read more

Is wisdom an ‘age’ thing?

age and wisdom

Whilst people who are older should have the benefit of hindsight. Wisdom learnt through reflecting on life’s experience… … Where are they? We seem to have more arrogance of age, when we need the voice of humility and grace. Of true leadership founded on self-less judgements in the face of huge challenges. … Yet we … Read more