What kind of lens?

What kind of lens

Our friend, the artist Ruth Dent has been spending a few days with us here in the valley. The weather has been glorious and the light amazing for February in Wales. Last night we used the big screen to view photographs she had taken during the day. They were stunning. Places in the woods, brooks … Read more

What colour is silence?

What colour is silence

Do the sounds around us make a difference to what we see? Does it affect the depth and perspective of what we notice? Rumi, the thirteenth-century Sufi poet, wrote: The quieter you become the more you are able to hear. I wonder if this also applies to sight and the light we see… What colour … Read more

Light and sight

light and sight

Last night as I was driving home from the station it was completely dark. I know our lane and it’s contours really well, but I had no chance of seeing the work that Steve and our friend Roger had done in clearing part of the hillside while I was away. I had to wait until … Read more

Seeing the dots

seeing the dots

Do you remember doing the coloured dots test as a kid? This was to check if you were colour blind. If you could see the pattern or number, you weren’t… In the midst of a mass of stimuli did anything stand out? Even if you can’t remember the test, the principle is still interesting. Are … Read more

Present imperfect

present imperfect

We have a choice. Wait until we’re perfect… or turn up and be fully present with all that we are. Today. Because change starts here.

Bring yourself today

bring yourself today

Today is wide open with possibilities. Your invitation awaits. Don’t leave yourself outside, you’ll miss so much. And everything you do will be affected. By your absence. Yes, we’d like to be different, better, more, gracious, wise… But today we are who we are, and can only choose to bring our best selves. With room … Read more