Beautiful harmonics

beautiful harmonics

Unless you are the 1 in 10,000 who has perfect pitch, you’ll have to feel your way to the right note. Along the way, the difference between what you are singing and the note you are tuning to feels bumpy. That’s the harmonic effect of sound waves being out of sync. The frequencies are discordant. … Read more

Consciously seeing

conscioulsy seeing

We unconsciously see all the time. Cruising our way around because we know what we’re expecting. And it’s usually so apparently predictable that we don’t even think about it. Consciously seeing takes an act of intention to be open to viewing the familiar with different eyes. Of looking deeper and noticing connections. Feeling what we … Read more

Enough light

enough light

When do we have enough light for the next step? Now. But I can’t see very far ahead. That’s OK. You only need one step at a time. I was reminded of this wisdom by our quiet disruptor friend Amos in an email this morning. He shared a reflection from Henri Nouwen: ‘Enough light for … Read more

Where’s your compass?

where's your compass

Compass. What compass? We all use GPS now. Just enter where we want to go and there it is. The Answer. Just follow the instructions. But the thing is, when we’re creating a new path there is no map. Indeed we usually don’t even know the destination with certainty. In our new beginnings, making a … Read more

Small arcs of meaning

small arcs of meaning

Finding small arcs of meaning in our messy middles is a gift to ourselves and to share with others. Search too hard and it becomes forced. Every bit of mess doesn’t have to have a meaning. At least not yet. Hold on too tight and it’s like chasing rainbows in the rain. You’ll never find the … Read more