Quiet Space

quiet space

… isn’t empty. “The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.” Rumi

Quiet isn’t an off switch

queit isn't an off switch

In our binary world of black and white, yes and no, perhaps we are becoming blind to the abundance of quiet. Because quiet isn’t just an absence… What is your quiet full of and do you need more?

Growing space for hope

growing space for hope

Each type of seed we plant requires a different kind of soil and space around it. As they germinate and grow, we water them and take out the weeds so they can thrive. What kind of growing space do you need for hopeful change? Just asking…

What do you delight in?

what do you delight in

When I look around, I see and hear many voices that tell me what they’re against. It’s relatively easy to point the finger. To rail against actions and attitudes. And to say why something is wrong. But what are we for? That takes far more thought, courage and heart. Let’s start with what delights us.

Where is our place of rest?

where is our place of rest

Knowing our place of rest helps to keep us moving forward: trusting we have enough light, being connected to others and being grounded.

Staying connected


New beginnings do require us as individuals to make decisions and take action. Otherwise, it just remains an idea or dream. And no one can do that for us. It’s ours alone. But that’s where the single status stops. Our being in the new place – physically or metaphorically – can never be just about … Read more