Saying no

saying no

The first time I heard the phrase ‘your yes doesn’t count if you can’t say no’ I was intrigued. It felt so countercultural. I held it like a stone in my hand, reminding me of its presence. Turning it around for closer inspection. And then I realised its power. Our yeses mean nothing if they … Read more

Gratitude and generosity

gratitude and generosity

Who are the most generous people you know? Not lavish with underlying intent. Or necessarily giving out of material abundance. But generous in attitude and action. How we benefit isn’t always tangible, but we are always enlarged by being with them. We’re drawn into their presence, even if it’s remotely through what they write, share … Read more

Listen generously

listen generously

On my way home from Cardiff last night I listened in awe to Dr Rachel Naomi Remen – physician, pioneer in integrative healing and storyteller – in conversation with Krista Tippett for On Being. An extraordinary person who in her journey through medical school and clinical practice also experienced life with the ravages of Crohn’s … Read more

Enjoying the journey

enjoying the journey

We’re in such a hurry to get there, that we’ve stopped thinking about the journey as part of the experience. This is really sad. We’ve stopped smelling the roses on the route. Or appreciating our travelling companions. We don’t give ourselves the generous space to learn. To experiment, to try and maybe to fail in … Read more

Generous space?

generous space

If you could create more generous space for you and for others, what would it look like? At the start of the week, this is an interesting question… Where we think we are has a huge impact on how we feel about it. And how we feel affects what we tell ourselves about what we … Read more

What do we have time for?

We rarely stop to ask ourselves what we have time for. We assume we don’t have time to ask or it’s not worth asking. Both diminish our sense of meaning.