Month: October 2018

nurturing seeds of hope

Nurturing seeds of hope

We act because we want to make things happen. Good change. We speak because we want to make a difference. To look at the familiar from a different angle. We hope because we believe that our being has meaning. Let’s take care of our hope seeds – they produce fruit. And water those in others. …

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this too shall pass

This too shall pass…

The storms in our mind are often much more ferocious than the weather outside. They can feel overwhelming and stop us in our tracks. But if we stick it out, the jumble of stuff in our heads can sometimes become the bright new insight or idea. After all if it were simple, it probably would …

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pick your lane

Pick a lane

We have to pick a lane. Of the choices before us, we do need to pick which one we are going to pursue. We can’t choose them all. Or keep switching lanes. And if we want to make a difference, then avoiding picking a lane is not an option. There is no ‘right’ choice. But …

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