Month: October 2018

psalm 23 eugene peterson

A life well lived

If I may, I’d like to pause and appreciate the life and work of Eugene Peterson, who died yesterday. Poet, writer, pastor and theologian, he probably isn’t a household name. But to millions of Christians around the world his translation of the Scriptures – The Message – has brought their faith alive. He has always been …

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creating more creative space

Creating more creative space

Outside = our environment. Inside = our inner space. Both matter and both require small intentional steps. Cultivating small habits that open up our space to think creatively. Generously and beautifully.

and the answer is

And the answer is…?

We’ve grown up in a world that says if you get the answer right you get a prize. So if we don’t find the answer we’re obviously not trying hard enough. Or we’re not smart enough. Or we don’t know the system (or the powerful people) well enough. The problem is that whilst some questions …

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