What catches our attention?

what catches our attention

We all see and hear the same things, right? Actually, no. What we are drawn to over a period of time differs hugely, even if we’re looking in the same direction. The interesting thing is what shapes our attention filters. What is behind the conversations we have in our heads, that might be expressed in … Read more

The art of fresh thinking

the art of fresh thinking

There’s something quite scary about fresh thinking. Exhilarating too. But the scary bit is that it’s new, it’s different. It won’t be recognised immediately because there may not be anything to compare it with or to validate it by. That’s the difference between the art of fresh thinking and the science of big data. Both … Read more

Where’s the stillness?

wheres the stillness

It’s Monday morning and where has all the stillness gone? We tend to think of stillness as absence. The absence of noise, of distraction, of rush, of demands. But what if stillness was more than absence… How can we create generous space on a Monday morning?

Creating generous space

creating generous space

Metaphors or images that represent an idea are marvellous. They fire up our imagination without the clumsiness of words sometimes encountered when trying to describe something conceptual or novel. So I wonder what metaphor comes to mind for you when you hear the phrase Quiet Disruptors? During the week I’ve asked this question of several … Read more

Who are the difference-makers?

wo are the difference makers

We all are, actually. Each one of us makes an imprint on the world around us. Simply by being here. The question is, what kind of difference do we want to make? The answer stems from knowing what’s really important to us. Because this shapes our attention and motivation, releasing courage to stand in the … Read more

Bread lessons…

bread lessons

Sourdough bread is simply amazing. Its taste and texture are distinctively different from standard, fast proven loaves. It’s also amazing in that its active ingredients are essentially from wild yeast and bacteria in the atmosphere, working with just flour and water. Almost magic. But it takes time, allowing the natural yeast to infuse the dough … Read more