How is your perspective?

how is your perspective

The thing about perspective – what we see when we look – is that we can’t hold all potential perspectives at once. It’s not possible. The closest we can get is knowing there are different ways to see and toggling between them. Like stretching an elastic band in different directions.  The challenge is that most … Read more

Harvesting the best

harvesting the best

If you want the best wine you have to be intentional about your vines and your terroir. You have to know your soil, your grapes, your aspect and your microclimate. You have to tend your vines, weed and prune. Judging which buds to leave and which to remove so that the best have the opportunity … Read more

What questions are you asking yourself?

What questions are you asking yourself

What questions are you asking yourself? What do you catch yourself saying on a regular basis? When we stop to listen – to ourselves talking to ourselves – it can be a very illuminating conversation… And if you aren’t asking any questions – why not? Aren’t you curious? PS If you want to think more … Read more

Who are you connecting to?

We might have a brilliant idea, a great insight that will make a powerful difference. But if we’re not linked with others who believe in us and can help us grow. Who can strengthen our voice so that it becomes clearer and more resonant. Then we’ll probably get tired of trying. We are not meant … Read more

Find your way to celebrate!

Celebration is vital! It’s not just about the big things. In fact, it’s even better if we start small. By noticing the little things. The small steps. And those things that bring a smile to our face (and inner being). It reminds us about what is important to us and puts a ‘golden thread’ through … Read more

Fast or slow?

Fast or slow?

Two types of drivers cause a headache and danger for the rest of us. There are those who only go fast. Foot on the accelerator, energised by the thrill of speed. A ‘habit’ that needs feeding. Yes, they may have ramped up their reflexes, but their fast reaction isn’t always enough. And the psychological disturbance … Read more